Flight Info

Our balloon  flights are scheduled early in the morning just after sunrise when the wind is at its calmest, usually less that 10 mph . Spring and Summer flights launch at 6:00 AM, Fall and Winter flights launch at 7:00AM. Flight length is at least one hour in duration with the entire process taking appx 2 1/2 – 3 hours.

The distance traveled during a flight is dependent on the wind direction and speed but averages between 5-15 miles. We vary the altitude from a few hundred feet to a few thousand feet depending on terrain and daily conditions which can offer a view of up to 50-100 miles, sometimes a three or four state view!. You can see Long Island and upstate New York to the south and west, Massachusetts and New Hampshire to the north.

Inflating the Balloon
The flight begins with us inflating the balloon at one of our launch sites which takes appx 20 minutes. When inflation is complete passengers board, photos taken and we’re off slowly into the air with our chase crew right behind us. The crew is there to assist with the landing, pack up and to transport us back to the launch site. After the flight we offer a complimentary traditional Champagne toast, light snack and a special balloon pin to commemorate your trip.

Our balloons are engineered for and can comfortably carry up to five passengers plus the pilot. Typically, we only carry four passengers, which gives us better range in flight time and distance traveled, however if your party is five people we can easily accommodate you. With sufficient notice we can accommodate large groups of almost any size with several balloons.


We suggest you wear waterproof footwear to avoid having squishy wet sneakers in the fields laden with morning dew. Please do not wear flip flops, sandals or boots with tall heels. Dress in layers for that season and we suggest you bring sunglasses, and a well charged up digital camera. We used to say bring plenty of film but we’re doing our best to enter the 21st century.